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For Employers

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     Workforce literacy and essential skills generally

     refers to the skills people need and use at work such as:

reading text, document use, oral communication, So when.

 decision making and problem solving just to name a few.

     These skills are also used in association with

     other important skills such as: teamwork,

     self-direction, leadership and self-motivation.

     Workforce literacy and essential skills helps provide a foundation

for lifelong learning as people and businesses grow together.

Literacy and essential skills are at the core of workforce education.


Ways to promote literacy in the workplace:


     Share information about learning opportunities with your employees

     Partner with a literacy program or training provider

Sponsor or support a literacy program in your community

     Make literacy an issue and a priority at your staff meetings

     Include local program information in your company newsletters

    Build links with local literacy partners in the community


Did you know…


There is a correlation between literacy and wage levels?

A Statistics Canada study indicates that each additional year of education

a person receives is worth 8.3 percent of their paycheque.

Using an annual base salary of $30,000, this amounts to an additional $2490 per year.

(Literacy, Numeracy and Labour Market Outcomes in Canada,Statistics Canada, 2001)